Current Projects

The El Dorado Frontier (Theme Park)

The El Dorado Frontier is a new Western Theme Park being built in Long Beach California. The park and 10min train ride features original score by Matt Kollar and sound design by Sneakthief Media


A new interactive horror experience from Sneakthief Media. 



The Horrible Adventures of Dracula (Short)

 Composed with Ellen Warkentine

God Bless America (Feature Film)

Destroy the Humans! (Web Series)

 Composed with Alanah Ntzouras

Suspenseful Shadows (Audioplays)

Secrets of the Winchester Mystery House (Documentary)

Willow Creek (Feature)


Last Remnants (Short)

Thanos Castle Comic-Con Build - Entertainment Earth Booth (Documentary)

Enter the Queen Mary's Dark Harbor (Documentary)